Privacy policy explained

This privacy policy outlines how your personal information is collected, stored and shared by Therapy With Janine in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) (2018). We will discuss GDPR as part of our counselling contract in the first session which we shall both sign to indicate our agreement should we choose to work together. This privacy policy applies to the site and all products and services offered by Therapy With Janine online, by telephone or within this private practice.

What information do I collect and why?

My initial assessment form requests your name, address, date of birth, GP details or emergency contact and medical information relevant to counselling, as well as your counselling history. This is so that I can provide you with a counselling service. Your telephone number, and email address is collected so that I can contact you regarding your sessions, forward you a contract or invoice you for a session. Your name, address, GP, or emergency contact details are in case of emergency. (See below). Clients can refuse to supply personal information, though this may prevent them from fully benefitting from my services.

What information do I store and how do I keep it secure?

I keep brief paper notes following sessions which I anonymise along with any outcome measures. These notes are locked securely in a cabinet and kept separate from your contact information, which is also locked away securely. I store your phone number in my separate work phone, and your email address will be stored in my work computer under a separate work email account. I also have the following in place to ensure your data is secure:

  • My computer is password protected
  • Client notes and outcome measures are kept separate from contact and personal information and locked securely away
  • Emails and texts are regularly deleted unless relevant to our sessions
  • I use a separate work phone which is password protected
  • For bank transfers when paying fees, I will supply you with a client code to use as a reference to protect your identity from anyone supporting me with my accounts

Therapeutic Will

I will share your name and contact details with my Therapeutic Executor, so that in the event of my death, they are able to contact you if you are still having sessions with me.


In the case of an emergency, I may use the information you have provided to contact your GP or emergency contact.

The right to access and be forgotten

You have the right to ask to see the information that I hold about you and rectify any inaccurate personal information held, as well as to withdraw your consent to me using your personal information at any time. You have the right to request that any information I hold be erased. Exceptions to this are if the information needs to be retained for insurance or legal obligation.

Erasing your data

Once we finish our work together, all electronic copies of the data and correspondence I hold will be erased within 4 weeks. Written and printed data will be kept for 5 years in accordance with my insurance provider. After this time, all data will be securely destroyed.


I would hope that we are able to establish open communication so that any concerns can be dealt with in our session, however in the case of a complaint needing to be escalated, concerns need to be addressed to the BACP.